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A partial list of what people are saying about my flutes...

Just a note to let you know the flute has arrived safe and sound. I've attached the first song I played. I mean I opened the package, sat down turned on the recorder and this is the first sounds out of the flute here in Houston. Thanks for the perfect packing and shipping, getting it here safely is always a big concern for me. Randy, what can I say man. Great Job! It looks good, but more importantly to me, it plays as good if not better than it looks, for me without the voice, it's not a flute. I would rather hear a good ugly flute, than listen to a bad sounding pretty flute. You accomplished both! My hat's off to you. Thanks again,
Houston, Texas

The flute is wonderful. I've spent lots of time with it out by a creek this weekend. This flute seems to evoke new music I've never thought of before, so all kinds of new and beautiful melodies have come out. And I found the fingerings that put it perfectly in tune up in the high range so it sounds great up and down. I even discovered some very high notes I never knew about before. It was fun to find I could play "Danny Boy" the famous Old Irish melody, in its entirety, even with the very high notes. I would never have dreamed a native flute could do that. Thanks,
Garth Gilchris

The flutes arrived today...wow...very good.

"Thunder Bear Flutes play and sound at concert quality. Randy is a great flute maker who has a good spirit with the wood and offers a nice design. I especially like the mouthpiece and inlay work. His flutes will be featured on my next CD, "Tribute to the Flute Makers" to be released in January of 2006." Bless you.
Jan Michael Looking Wolf

2004 Native American Music Award (NAMMY)
2004 ISMA Best Flute Nominee
2005 ISMA Best Flute Nominee
Instructor, Native Flute History at Oregon State University

This is to whoever wants a great sounding flute at a reasonable price. Randy's flutes in my opinion is one of the finest I've played. I have bought two of Randy's flute and already want him to make me another. I have been playing about two years now and his flutes make me sound better then I really am. I hope you give him a chance to bring a lot of joy and relaxation to your house while you make beautiful music with one of his great flutes.
Del Winters

Having just returned from a week long work shop with some of the worlds leading native American flute players I was very impressed with my Thunder Bear Flutes. I took several with me - and played them all - but my favorite - a lower E - was really impressive. I had to make a recording and then give a concert - and I used the "E" Thunder Bear flute. Several participants in this workshop approached me to look at the flute - which is beautiful - and all commented on its great sound quality - your flute made me look/sound really good - in this auspicious gathering of flute players. So Thanks - I will be back to buy more.
Pam Greenslate

Randy, I am very pleased with my new drone flute. The finish is beautiful, and the sound is great. I'm glad that I chose the A with D drone combination. You make a great instrument! I've had many compliments about my new flute at my flute circle. Thank you for another wonderful sounding flute. This is the fourth flute I've purchased from you and each one "sings beautifully. I have other flutes, but my favorite flutes are the Thunder Bear flutes. They sound great and easy for me to play. Thank you.
Adrian "Skip" Ruhnke
Chicago, Illinois

Hi Randy,

I wanted to let you know my flutes arrived this morning.  Of course, I couldn't wait to get them out of their package and play them. Thank you for wrapping them so securely.

Wow!  I love that C# side blown.  The sound is pure, projects well without a great deal of breath, and visually the flute is beautiful with the red and black knurled rings against the walnut.  I am loving this flute!

I am very fussy about how much air I hear when I play a flute as I find it distracting and I don't hear much "airiness" coming back at me through your flutes.

The drone flute in F# poplar is my first drone flute and it is excellent in tonal quality as well.  I will be experimenting with it as I determine which tunes I like best with the drone added.  Even though I have small hands, I am able to play it.  I will definitely be recommending your flutes to other flute players.

I am so happy that I met Pat Smith at Flute Haven and she led me to you.  I will be back for more flutes as time passes I'm sure.

May God's grace be with you always,
Dawn Collins

Hey Randy, 
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know you hit a homerun with your newly designed low C flute with the 1 1/8" bore. I have had it for several days and just wanted to let you know how special this flute is. It not only looks great, but sounds great too. For many people playing a low C flute is difficult because of the hole spacing and diameter. Not with this baby. The holes are spaced so that just about any hand size should be comfortable with it and the same goes for the diameter of the holes. 
That's all great but how does it sound? One word, AWESOME. This flute has such a nice low earthy tone that I have trouble putting it down. What I also love about this flute, is it just wants to be played. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true. The flute is so responsive that if you want to play mellow, no problem, but if you want to rip off some quick runs up and down scales, again no problem. Don't let the smaller bore size fool you. It can do it all. 
Randy thanks for all of the hard work in designing and making this wonderful flute. Your hard work really shines with this flute. 
Thanks again. 
Bob Thomas 
Musician for over 30 years.

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