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Clapham's Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish


Clapham's Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish

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$7.50 2oz each jar plus $2.75 S/H in the United States

The following information is from Clapham's Beeswax Products LTD.  Please visit their site to see more wonderful products from Clapham's. http://www.claphams.com/

This is an edible finish for salad and fruit bowls, cutting boards, butcher's blocks, kitchen cabinets, counter-tops (wood or stone), children's toys and cribs. It is really easy to use. Apply it very thinly. You can use the bowl immediately afterwards if you like, or you can leave it overnight and then buff it with a cotton cloth for a nice soft shine. We recommend this finish for decorative painted surfaces.


Clapham's Beeswax Products have been full time beekeepers in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.  In 1986 Roger Clapham's mother Veronica presented them with her wonderful recipe for beeswax polish, and they have specialized in beeswax ever since.


Beeswax is one of the most interesting, versatile and functional products in nature.  It is made by young worker bees only during the first three weeks of their lives.  They gorge themselves with honey and then secrete the wax in tiny white flakes from a gland in there abdomens.  These flakes are then molded and sculpted into the beautiful honey-comb which makes there home.


I have been using this product for over 3 years and it seams to work with about any finish I highly recommend it.



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